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Local anesthesia will be administered by your dentist. You will also have the option of Nitrous Oxide gas , better known as laughing gas , to make you feel more at ease while undergoing some of your dental procedures.


Oral Cancer

Every year over 35,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer of which about 7,500 if Americans die from this disease. If oral cancer is detected early, it can be cured. Which is why, your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening as part of our comprehensive exam. This is painless, quick exam where the checks for any irregular lumps or tissue changes inside and around your mouth.



These can be caused by many different factors such as, infection, periodontal disease( gum and bone disease) , trauma , grinding teeth, and most commonly tooth decay. A complete exam will have to be performed to determine the cause and the course of treatment for the the toothache



They are a thin protective coating applied to the chewing and pit surfaces of the teeth to help prevent bacteria from starting tooth decay. Children and adults with permanent premolars and molars without decay are candidates for sealants.



Gingivitis or gum disease exists when large amount of bacteria and food particles build up at the gum line and between the teeth . A white sticky substance called plaque is formed and begins to harden into calculus (tartar). The toxins in the tartar begin to irritate the gum causing redness, tenderness, inflammation and bleeding, which is known as gingivitis. Over 75% have Gingivitis. Its is reversible with a professional cleanings and good home oral hygiene. Gingivitis is also the first stage of Periodontal disease which is irreversible.


Periodontal Disease

This is often called the “silent disease or killer” of teeth. Most times you don’t know you have it until your teeth become loose and need to be pulled. A professional deep cleaning (below the gum line) is needed to rid the area of bacterial toxins that cause bone loss. With a maintenance program and good oral hygiene, we aim to prevent any further bone loss in order to keep your teeth.



A tooth colored composite filling is used to restore decayed teeth. After removing the decay, the composite is placed to restore the tooth back to it’s original color and shape.


Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards are flexible appliances that should be worn if you play sports or other recreational activities . A mouthguard can prevent injuries or trauma to the mouth, lips teeth,or jaw. Wearing a mouth guard if you wear orthodontic appliances is especially important to prevent lacerations to the soft tissue.



Extractions (pulling a tooth or teeth) may be needed if the tooth is rendered unsalvageable( can’t be saved) from decay, infection ,trauma, or periodontal disease. In some cases, hard to clean, decayed or aching wisdom teeth will need to be extracted. The dentist will determine if the extraction can be performed in our office, or if you need to be referred to an Oral Surgeon.